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by Clifford D. Hyra on May 13, 2010

Buy Meridia Without Prescription, While an application to register your trademark can be filed before the mark is used (as long as you have an intent to use it in the future), the Trademark Office will not issue you a registration until you actually use your trademark in commerce.

So what does it mean to use a trademark "in commerce", Meridia in japan. Buy cheap Meridia no rx, Is it sufficient to use your trademark on your website. The answer is, Meridia in india, Buy Meridia from mexico, sometimes yes and sometimes no. It depends on whether your mark is a plain old trademark or a service mark, sale Meridia. A service mark is a trademark that is used to sell services, rather than physical products, Buy Meridia Without Prescription. Order Meridia online c.o.d, To register a service mark, you must show that you have used the mark in the advertisement or sale of a service to prospective customers and that you were prepared to provide the service at the time of the advertisement, cod online Meridia. Where to buy Meridia,

The Rule Regarding Use in Commerce of a Service Mark

TMEP § 901.01 states that "a mark shall be deemed to be in use in commerce... on services when it is used or displayed in the sale or advertising of services and the services are rendered in commerce, buy Meridia from canada, Rx free Meridia, or the services are rendered in more than one State or in the United States and a foreign country and the person rendering the services is engaged in commerce in connection with the services."

In other words, for a service mark use in commerce requires:

  1. Display of the service mark in the sale or advertisement of services, where can i find Meridia online, Buy cheap Meridia, and

  2. Rendering the services in commerce or in multiple states or the U.S. and a foreign country

Let us ignore the second part of #2 for now (it's a doozy) and parse the rest of that, Meridia trusted pharmacy reviews.

1) Display of the Service Mark in the Sale or Advertising of Services

Buy Meridia Without Prescription, To successfully claim use of your service mark and achieve a federal registration, you must show that you have used your mark in an advertisement or sale of your services. Meridia in usa, This is generally an easy requirement to fulfill. Display of your service mark on your website, buy Meridia without prescription, Delivered overnight Meridia, where your website advertises your services, generally is sufficient to satisfy it, Meridia in us, Meridia in canada, and is the most popular way to do so.

Advertisements Are Not Sufficient to Show Use in Commerce For Trademarks

Note that this is in contrast to the rule for trademarks (used on goods/products), over the counter Meridia, Meridia paypal, where use in an advertisement is NOT sufficient and therefore use on a website often does NOT satisfy the requirement. Many business owners get in trouble with this distinction and do not understand why their website is not sufficient to show use, purchase Meridia online no prescription. Nevertheless, it usually is not (consult your attorney to find out for sure), Buy Meridia Without Prescription. Meridia to buy,

Mere Preparation to Use Is Not Sufficient to Show Use in Commerce of  a Service Mark

What does not satisfy this requirement is preparation to use the service mark. “[m]ere adoption (selection) of a mark accompanied by preparations to begin its use are insufficient, purchase Meridia online. Real brand Meridia online, . , buy Meridia online no prescription. for claiming ownership of and applying
to register the mark.” Buy Meridia Without Prescription, Aycock Engineering, Inc., v. Meridia to buy online, Airflite, Inc., Meridia in australia, Free Meridia samples, (Fed. Cir, purchase Meridia. Where can i buy cheapest Meridia online, 2009) (citing Intermed, 197 USPQ at 507), buy Meridia online with no prescription. Meridia discount, Such acts as soliciting the support of others, issuing a detailed announcement using the service mark to inform and update individuals about the service’s status, where to buy Meridia, Ordering Meridia online, and hiring a fundraising firm to raise money for the service are insufficient.

Use in Commerce Requires Advertisement or Sale to Customers

Advertising your service to potential partners, investors, or affiliates is not sufficient to show use in commerce, Buy Meridia Without Prescription. Rather, Meridia from international pharmacy, Order Meridia no prescription, "there must be an open and notorious public offering of the services to those for whom the services are intended.” Aycock Engineering, Inc., Meridia craiglist, Meridia from canadian pharmacy, v. Airflite, buy Meridia online without a prescription, Fast shipping Meridia, Inc., (Fed, Meridia gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Buy Meridia without a prescription, Cir. 2009) (citing Intermed, order Meridia online overnight delivery no prescription, Meridia price, coupon, 197 USPQ at 507)(emphasis added).

2) Rendering the Services

Buy Meridia Without Prescription, Mere advertisement of your services, in and of itself, is not sufficient to satisfy the federal trademark registration requirement of use in commerce for service marks. You must also actually be prepared to provide the services you are advertising, order Meridia from United States pharmacy. Buying Meridia online over the counter,

Advertising a Service You Will Soon Provide is NOT Sufficient

"Without question, advertising or publicizing a service that the applicant intends to perform in the future will not support registration, online buy Meridia without a prescription. Buy Meridia no prescription, Instead, the advertising or publicizing must relate to 'an existing service which has already been offered to the public'.., Meridia prices. Meridia over the counter, The use in advertising which creates a right in a service mark must be advertising which relates to an existing service which has already been offered to the public." Aycock Engineering, Inc., Meridia tablets, Meridia prescriptions, v. Airflite, Inc., (Fed, Buy Meridia Without Prescription. Cir, Meridia overseas. Meridia medication, 2009) (citing Greyhound Corp. v, saturday delivery Meridia. Where can i buy Meridia online, Armour Life Ins. Buy Meridia Without Prescription, Co., 214 USPQ 473, 474 (TTAB 1982))

The Services Advertised and Rendered Must Be The Services Listed in Your Trademark Application

Be careful when listing the services you provide or intent to provide. You will have to show that you have advertised and are ready to perform THOSE services, Meridia buy. Order Meridia from mexican pharmacy, The listed services (or goods) can be changed, but only to narrow or clarify what you have listed, buy Meridia online without prescription, Where can i order Meridia without prescription, and never to broaden the list.

Thus, Meridia san diego, Meridia in uk, going from "Clothes" to "shirts" is okay, but going from "shirts" to "clothes" is not, Meridia in mexico. Next day Meridia, That is one reason to leave your listing of services broad if you can, particularly if you are uncertain exactly how to describe the services you are offering or what service you actually will provide, Meridia pills.

In Aycock Engineering, the registrant's federal trademark registration was canceled because his activities did "not constitute a service that falls within the scope of our definition of the recitation of services." Mr. Aycock's listed services covered  "only the arranging of flights between an air taxi operator and a passenger", whereas his activities involved "efforts to arrange a network of air taxi operators."


The failure to properly show use in commerce of your trademark can result in rejection of your application for registration or cancellation of your federal registration years later. Do not take chances with formalities like these, work with a trademark attorney early on to ensure the strength of your trademark rights, and learn from the mistakes of others.

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05.28.10 at 1:20 pm

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Ethan 03.09.13 at 4:27 pm

Thanks for this clarification, but a have a quick question about use in commerce for a service mark. Let’s say I have a blog title that I’d like to protect with a service mark, but my service is free blog content. I may or may not offer paid products in the future, but I would still like to protect this brand name regardless. Would delivering free blog posts qualify as use in commerce? Or, do I have to actually sell something for profit?

Clifford D. Hyra 04.05.13 at 9:27 pm


You do not have to sell anything to be using a mark in commerce. Blog posts are a service.

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